“De-central” Park in the City – Richard Louv talks about spreading green in the city

From the Ampleen blog -

Walking down the tree-lined 18th street in NYC, my street, I was thinking how beautiful the street is with my deep gratitude.  Gratitude for being a part of this beautiful Gramercy community.  Gratitude for trees on the street.  Right now, trees entertain my eyes with blooming flowers and touch my soul with their overwhelming energy bringing back life after long cold months.  Even in winter, I enjoyed the tree’s presence in front of my apartment.

East 18th Street in NYC

“Why Trees Matter”, the most emailed article of New York Times on 4/12/2012, says: “We take them (trees) for granted, but they are a near miracle.”   As a matter fact, I wonder if we underappreciate our limited nature in the city or underestimate the power of trees.

This week, I was invited to attend to a lecture “Richard Louv on “Nature-Deficit Disorder” hosted by Columbia University, School of Continuing Education, Master of Science in Landscape Design.  Richard Louv is the author of eight books about the connection between family, nature, and community.  “Last Child in the Woods” is his landmark bestseller that became an international force for change.

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