We are a recipient of the City Parks Foundation’s Partnership for Parks Capacity Fund grant! We are thrilled and honored that a group with the legacy and commitment to our city’s resources has found it appropriate to bestow this gift on us and we have big plans for the incoming funds.

The City Parks Foundation is the city’s only independent, non-profit with a mission to provide programs in parks for all five boroughs. The foundation focuses its efforts in a few categories including sports, the arts, community development and education programs. You’ll find their initiatives popping up in more than 350 parks, recreation centers and public schools across the region and they serve close to half a million people each year.

The Partnership For Parks initiative is specifically designed to support emerging leaders advocating for parks and green spaces. Friends of Stryker Park is a 2015 graduate of the Partnership For Parks Fellows Academy where we were given tools and coaching on fundraising, community outreach, event planning and more.

As a part of the grant, we will seek to increase our outreach and hold several events to raise awareness of the issues we’re seeking to solve on the block, including the lack of available green space, poor maintenance and care for the tree beds and sidewalks, and potential hazards involving unmarked driveways along the block. This grant won’t take us all the way to solving these problems, but it’s an important step and one that we are excited to be taking.

Our immediate focus will be the tree beds along West 97th Street near the corner of Columbus Avenue. We have already taken several small steps to improve these beds including the installation of temporary tree guards and planting, mulching and cleaning in the beds. We are seeking more funds to complete a more holistic plan for all of the tree beds on the block. If you’re interested in volunteering to help, solicit funds or donate we’d love to hear from you! Shoot an email to: strykerpark@icloud.com