On Saturday, April 22, Friends of Stryker Park took part in global Earth Day celebrations by beautifying our little corner of the pale blue dot. Our group teamed with the PS 163 Dr. Pepe Reading Garden and the New York chapter of the American Society for Landscape Architects, or ASLA for short, to put on an educational children’s activity designed to inspire the next generation of landscape architects.

Our own Jennifer Nitzsky, a member of ASLA, led the kids in generating ideas for how to green an area and what being a steward of the environment means. The children then joined some of our volunteers in planting and mulching in one of two tree beds near the corner of 97th Street and Columbus Avenue.
Shortly before the evnt, we installed a temporary tree guard meant to help protect the daisies and other plants as they grow. Our group is the recent recipient of a Capacity Fund grant from the City Parks Foundation’s Partnership for Parks. It’s our hope we make take these funds and use them to further beautify the block and make some long-term, holistic plans for the remaining tree beds.

More than the plants and tree guard additions, the most important seeds planted were the ones of knowledge. The children who participated in the workshop left with a closer tie to their local community and the Earth as a whole.
Would you like more events like these in the future? Please contact us or reach out on Facebook or Twitter. We could use your ideas, support and even funding.