Friends of Stryker Park is committed to creating more green space and a community amenity on the north side of West 97th St. between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues.


The proposed Stryker Park project covers the full length of a city block – 800 feet long.   The sidewalk itself is unusually wide – about 50 feet – it’s mostly concrete, best described as barren and bleak. Total area is approximately 40,000 square feet.

The project also includes an additional 10,000 square foot space just to the west of P.S. 163.  Currently it’s used by the Parks Dept. for vehicle and equipment storage.  We believe this is a rather poor use of a rather valuable public asset. It would be perfect for use as a community garden; plus, we intend to develop a partnership with the school and create educational programming for the students.

Foot traffic on West 97th St. has increased dramatically since the opening of Whole Foods and the Columbus Square shopping area. Stryker Park would be a terrific enhancement to the neighborhood, the students and staff of P.S. 163, the residents of the surrounding apartment buildings and shoppers heading to Columbus Square.

Creating more green space in New York City is always a good thing.

Here’s a map of the proposed project:

Stryker Park Site Map

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