Stryker Park Charette: Over 20 Registrants

So far, we have over 20 of your neighbors participating in our charette! (it's just a fancy-pants way of  saying "workshop"). We'd like to get input from members of the community on how to best transform the north side of W. 97th St. (betw. Columbus/Amsterdam) into a...

If You Want Nice People, Make Nice Places

"The biggest single obstacle to the provision of better public space is the undesirables problem," wrote William H. Whyte in his 1980 book The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces. "They are themselves not too much of a problem. It is the actions taken to combat them...

Where was the West Side town of Strycker’s Bay?

Until the late 19th century, the Upper West Side consisted mainly of the suburb of Bloomingdale and some smaller villages, such as Carmanville (or Carmansville), Manhattanville, and Harsenville. Another long-gone village was Strycker’s Bay, spanning present-day 86th...

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